4 Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

Summer heat is in full force, but that does not mean that you and your little one can't enjoy some fun outdoor time. We have put together 4 quick tips to help your family beat the summer heat!

1. Dress with light-weight fabrics, short sleeves, and light colors!
2. Limit time outside, especially with infants. Avoid direct sunlight always with your little one.
3. Use hats, sunscreen, even a spray bottle to wet their hair a bit for a little cool down on the go.
4. Use a flexible fan around your little one's car seat handle when out with your cover. Bonus tip--set a reminder on your phone every other night so you never forget to charge it and then return it back to the handle for the next day. We hope that these tips are helpful. Let us know if you try one out!

Stay cool! 🥵