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Footed Jammies

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    13 products

    Soft and Stretchy Footed Jammies

    The Milk Snob® Footed Jammies are super soft, come in a variety of beautiful patterns, and are slightly stretchy to grow with your baby. The baby pajamas are thoughtfully designed to make parenthood a little easier-- from 2-way zippers for easy diaper changes, to no-scratch mittens, to grips on the foot soles for early walkers- every feature was crafted with parents and babies in mind. Made with our premium rayon blend fabric, they are lightweight, breathable, and are perfect for any season.


    Pajamas come in a range of materials. Cotton is less breathable, but Milk Snob pajamas are made from rayon-blend fabric that is lightweight and breathable, helping babies to regulate their temperature and keep them comfortable throughout the night.

    Yes, when worn properly, and with the proper fit, footed pajamas are safe and comfortable for baby.

    There is no need for your baby to wear socks under footed pajamas.

    Yes! If you're using a sleep sack you can use footed pajamas, as well. Always keep in mind the thickness of the pajamas and the sleep bag. The Milk Snob Sleep Bag has a 1.0 TOG rating, meaning it is designed for temperatures between 69-73 and can be paired with footed pajamas for nighttime.

    Milk Snob Footed Jammies are made out of a premium rayon blend fabric. It is luxuriously soft, stretchy, lightweight and perfect for any season.

    Wash gentle cycle, and hang to dry. Make sure jammie is zipped before washing.

    Yes, all products have been safety tested in order to pass all US safety regulations and required certifications.