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    34 products

    Multifunctional Covers

    This collection features our world famous 5-in-1 cover as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. The Original Milk Snob cover is multifunctional and can be used in many ways, including a full car seat cover, breastfeeding cover, a cover for high-chairs, infant swings, shopping carts, and more. This is a great alternative to the traditional nursing apron because it provides full 360 coverage and can be used in a variety of ways. However you choose to use it, you can do so with confidence —our multifunctional nursing covers have been safety tested in the USA and are made with a silky-soft, premium rayon blend fabric material that is stylish, breathable, and come in a variety of neutral and modern designs.


    Nursing covers aren't strictly necessary but they can make nursing more comfortable and can make the process less nerve-wracking for many new moms. When breastfeeding in public, you can easily wear the Milk Snob cover and then use it as a baby car seat cover.

    It depends on the style you choose! With the Milk Snob cover, you simply slide the product over your head for both of your arms inside of the covering. Once you are covered, simply latch your baby under the cover for full privacy. Another way to wear the cover is to side the product over your head with one arm also reaching outside of the cover. This allows your arm to be free while in use! Either way, you'll have full coverage while nursing your infant.

    There are many different fabric types to choose from. Milk Snob Covers, and other products, are made from a rayon-blend fabric that is soft, breathable, and lightweight.

    There are several types of nursing covers to choose from- apron, poncho, scarf, shawl, and multifunctional. The Milk Snob Cover does not have a rigid neckline like the apron style, but it provides 360 degree privacy while nursing in public.

    Infant car seat covers should have easily accessible openings or mesh panels to allow for proper ventilation and air-flow like the Milk Snob cover has. Additionally, car seat covers should never be used inside a vehicle or unattended. Always ensure a brand has safety-tested their covers annually. In warm weather, always use your best judgment and understand that babies can easily become overheated if they do not have proper airflow. Milk Snob always recommends pulling the cover down the handle or lifting the cover over the stroller handle to create a shade without trapping in unnecessary heat.

    Keep your infant protected from unwanted germs and on lookers with a car seat cover.

    Yes, our Milk Snob nursing covers are designed with all body shapes in mind. We created a multifunctional cover that almost any mom can easily wear.

    In addition to the traditional applications for nursing and car seats, it can also be used for shopping carts, high chairs, swings, and more making it one of the most multifunctional covers on the market.

    Original Milk Snob Covers, as well as our blankets, hats, sleep bags, jammies and loveys, are made out of a premium rayon blend fabric. It is luxuriously soft, stretchy, lightweight and perfect for any season

    Luxe Covers are made from a high quality brushed micro jersey material.

    Wash gentle cycle, and lay flat to dry.

    Yes, all products have been safety tested in order to pass all US safety regulations and required certifications, including CPSIA, CPSC, and OEKO-TEX.