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Meet Our Teams

Finance Team

All the right brain team members watch in awe at the Finance Team! They negotiate terms and conditions, they keep our books at the highest level of spotlessness, and–cue the beautifully robed angels singing–they issue that payroll like they were born to do nothing else on this green earth! While they see numbers all day long, they also celebrate that each purchase is more than a dollar amount. Every order is a piece in a new mom’s first days with her baby, and Finance keeps every team neat and tidy with numbers so we can continue serving YOU in that journey!

Fulfillment Team

The second your order is placed, our Fulfillment Team is on it! The eye for detail they have is unmatched because they know that moms–of all people!-don’t have time to manage a shipment that was sent incorrectly. No time to make a return at the post office in between the 85 pediatrician appointments after delivery and cleaning up spit up from your shirt right after you changed again! Our fulfillment totally understands, Mama, so you can trust them to not only process your order lightning fast but to also keep you and your little in mind as they get your order right to your front door.

Customer Service

Truly the biggest MVP in the business is the Customer Service team! They have answers for days whenever you have a question. Being a new mom is overwhelming and scary and amazing all at the same time, so the Customer Service team makes it the highest priority to ease absolutely anything in our control to help you in those newborn days. Fittingly, it’s also the team with the highest level of baby fever, so don’t tempt them with baby pictures! They will lose their minds!

Design Team

They speak the magical language of Pantone colors and bring all shapes, textures, and characters to life in every Milk Snob collection. Design is more than Adobe files for our Design team, though. When they begin a new pattern or a new product, they first think of you, Mama! Not only do they imagine what you would NEED as you ‘mom’ your new little one, but they also imagine what you WANT. Life’s too short to carry around big, loud baby patterns just because you have a baby! After all, you’re not like a regular mom–you’re a COOL mom!

Wholesale Team

Amazon, boutiques, superstores, and MORE! Our wholesale team is passionate about meeting all moms where they are. Wherever there’s a mom buying off a registry for a baby shower next month, we’ll be there. Wherever there’s a mom who totally forgot to buy off the registry and needs it with Prime Delivery, we’ll be there! Our wholesale team thinks through a mom’s to-do list and works to never be too far off your path.

Licensing Team

You know those people who watch Disney movies on repeat even though they’re over 25 years old, travel to the theme parks for their vacations, and will say quotes from Star Wars in normal conversations like it’s not strange in a professional environment? Well, you do now, because that’s our Licensing Team! There’s not too much of a need to research new licensed design ideas, because this is what they’ve been training for their entire lives. Their favorite part of being on the team, though, is bringing these beloved characters into motherhood. There’s undeniable magic in licensing already, but literally wrapping the nostalgia from childhood around your own children in a blanket is truly the MOST magical.

Marketing Team

They write and they write like they’re running out of time. Write day and night like they’re running out of time (any other Hamilton fans?)–that’s our Marketing Team. They’re our storytellers, trendsetters, and content creators! When they see a new pattern from the design team, they cannot help but plan out the best way to tell you about it. When they hear of a new product coming soon or a new character we’re exploring, they HAVE to think through how to let you know. They’re obsessed with you, girl, and they want to make sure you know all that’s happening at Milk Snob!


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