About Us

Thoughtful design for modern parenthood


Sophisticated Style

We believe parents shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion for function. Our products allow parents to express their individual style while also equipping them with essentials for the first years with their little one.


Every product is designed, printed, cut, and sewn in Texas and abroad, using the highest quality materials. We meticulously design every product to offer practical functionality and modern style, ensuring simplicity and safety for parents around the world.


Meet our team

Melanie Disbrow

Founder and CEO

Resident Vlogger

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Rocky Mountains

She sewed the first Milk Snob cover, she grew the company from the garage up, and she braved the sharks in ABC’S Shark Tank. Melanie is fearless! It’s also good to be fearless when you’re around her because she’s most likely filming you for her Instagram stories with a German voiceover!

Babette Bevan

Chief Operating Officer

Resident World Traveler

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Milky Stripe

As the most interesting woman in the world, Babette ONLY has interesting facts about her life. She was born and raised in Alaska, studied abroad in Italy, and wins March Madness with her eyes closed. We haven’t seen it, but we’re also pretty sure that she fights crime and solves world hunger on the weekends!

Dana Bean

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Resident Culture Buff

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Merry Mickey

She’s the first to try any and all new foods and learning the traditions behind them. When she’s not learning about new cultures (or new ASMR videos!), she can sometimes be found at local trivia nights for The Office. She’s the playfulness of Jim, the kindness of Phyllis, and the productivity of Dwight!

Ann Harty

Director of Customer Relations

Resident Explorer

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Planet Milk

The bravest on the team, Ann is always ready to try something new! From pilates to horse-grooming, from moving across the US with her family to cheering on her three boys at their events—Ann is all about experiencing every adventure. Her latest one is working for her master’s degree at Georgetown University!

Hannah Crocker

Supervisor, Licensing and Partnerships

Resident Hostess

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Merry Mickey

Hannah creates any reason to throw a party. If she finds the smallest excuse, she’ll bake 50 cookies, ice a layered cake, and write you a card. She’s a firm supporter of celebrating always, especially if it involves queso or a Bahama Bucks snow cone!

Laurel Preston

Accounting Manager

Resident Cat Lover

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Royal Bouquet

Born and raised in Dallas, Laurel uses her expert accounting skills to guide our numbers in the right direction! She’s our master recycler, gluten-free eater, and news-updater! She can tell you the weather forecast for the next day, which helps in an office full of people who forget to check!

Jennifer Willrich

Retail Coordinator

Resident Queen

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Llama Love

On top of being our fashionista, Jennifer is also the ultimate empathizer. No matter the story and no matter how embarrassing you acted in the story, she’ll comfort you with a southern “Bless your heart!” And she means it, too!

Taylor Yarbrough

Fulfillment Supervisor

Resident Superwoman

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Llama Love

Full-time employee. Full-time student. Full-time mom. Taylor literally does it all and does it all really well! How does she stay focused? Maybe it’s her lifelong crush on Leonardo DiCaprio or maybe her weekend Netflix-binging—either way, she keeps us all under control!

Miranda Piercy

Fulfillment Coordinator

Resident Clean Freak

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Merry Mickey

Born in the far-off land of Illinois, Miranda finally joined us in the Texas promise land. If you need anything heavy moved, anything messy organized, or anything scattered counted, she can do all of it in about 5 minutes and that’s including a break and time to run some errands!

Sindy Amaya

Wholesale Fulfillment Coordinator

Resident Food Critic

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Mickey Sketch

Sindy is all things cooking. She has blown our minds with ground beef-stuffed chicken (it’s real and it’s delicious!) and mouthwatering South American dishes. But don’t let your mouth water too much, because she’ll give you the stank eye if you smack anywhere close to her!

Karen Villegas

Fulfillment Coordinator

Resident Story Teller

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Rocky Mountains

Karen is the life of the party even when you didn’t throw one! She’s full of stories that will either make you laugh or make you uncomfortable...or both! She’s always up-to-date on the latest shows, so she can fill you in on all you missed on My 600-Pound Life, but don’t get her started on This Is Us!

Berenice Leanos

Fulfillment Coordinator

Resident Baby Whisperer

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Folklore

If you bring your baby into the office and the babe is instantly missing, just find Berenice! She can calm and soothe any baby…or colleague actually! Outside of Milk Snob, her ultimate dream is becoming a First Lady of the United States. We all know that it’s the wives who run the world, right?

Sanjuana Olvera

Fulfillment Coordinator

Resident Girly Girl

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Levi

Growing up with 4 brothers and raising two boys of her own, Sanjuana is all about the girly things: keeping up with the Kardashians and trying out make-up tutorials. She loves pink, microbladed eyebrows, and healthy doses of sass!

Adriana Fonseca

Fulfillment Agent

Resident Pasta Connoisseur

Favorite Milk Snob print: Sail Away

She swears she’s not a chef, but Adriana brings a fresh, new pasta creation every day. You really have to be on your game when she’s offering free bites at lunch, though, because more often than not her pasta sauce has more fire in it than a volcano!

Alexa Cervantes

Fulfillment Agent

Resident Astrologer

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Care Bears

She can know your likes, dislikes, passions, and almost your favorite color just by knowing your birthday—and sometimes just by knowing the actual time of your birth. She uses her power for good, though, because it just makes her like you more! And double Alexa-points if you love rap, too!

Jessica Cocking

Fulfillment Agent

Resident Homemaker

Favorite Milk Snob Print: Ari

She's a gardener, a baker, an award-winner archer, a barrel racer, and a photographer. While we’re all taking naps and running errands on the weekends, she’s created giant cake creations and completely landscaped her garden!

Lila Vu

Sales Coordinator

Resident Dog Mama

Favorite Milk Snob print: Magnolia

Cheesy rom-coms, sushi every day, and online shopping are just some of the things that make up Lila. She’s the best kind of friend because she’ll encourage all of your Target runs, chat about all the Bachelor drama (she’s team Hannah B), AND tell you if you have something gross in your teeth!