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    Super Soft Loveys

    The Milk Snob® Lovey is a mini security blanket, designed to make babies feel comforted and secure. For caregivers, it can also help make pacifiers easier to find! Easily attach a lovey to any pacifier, toy, or teether to help soothe your baby or toddler. Our premium rayon-blend fabric is soft, perfect for any season, and the dual-layer design provides the perfect weight to help soothe your baby. The Loveys come in a variety of prints and solid colors to complement every outfit and style.


    A lovey is a mini-security blanket for a baby, and when attached to a pacifier or toy, can also make the item easier to locate.

    Most babies and toddlers form an attachment to a stuffed animal or lovey. This provides a sense of security. By age 4 or 5, many children's attachment becomes less and less.

    Lovies are soft and comforting which can help your child to feel safe. ease separation anxiety and help to teach babies to self-soothe.

    Original Milk Snob Covers, as well as our blankets, hats, sleep bags, jammies and loveys, are made out of a premium rayon blend fabric. It is luxuriously soft, stretchy, lightweight and perfect for any season