Newborn Knotted Hats

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    Knotted Baby Hats

    Our stylish infant hats are made with a premium rayon-blend fabric that gives just the right amount of stretch. Our collection of newborn knotted hats features various modern and gender-neutral designs, perfect for a gift for either a boy or girl. If you’re looking to complete a gift set, you can easily match our hats with our covers, blankets, sleep bags and more.


    When babies are born, they come out of a warm, cozy environment – the womb – and into one that can be colder. That's why nurses immediately cover their tiny heads with infant hats.

    Make sure the hat is made of lightweight material so that their skin can breathe. Look for an appropriate size that will fit securely to your baby's head.

    Original Milk Snob Covers, as well as our blankets, hats, sleep bags, jammies and loveys, are made out of a premium rayon blend fabric. It is luxuriously soft, stretchy, lightweight and perfect for any season