Calm 'n Cuddle™ Pacifier Clips

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    Beaded Pacifier Clips

    The Calm 'n Cuddle™ Clip is made from soft, safe silicone and helps to keep pacifiers in place while also looking sleek and stylish. The secure wooden clasp is gentle on clothes and can be attached to almost any pacifier, teether or toy. The pacifier clips come in a variety of colors, many of which match our Calm ‘n Cuddle Pacifiers.


    The CPSC staff recommends that the length of the clip be no longer than is necessary to function properly, and preferably no longer than 7-8 inches in total length.

    Find an unobtrusive spot on your child's clothing and pinch it within the clip. A good place is on the fabric over your child's shoulder. This is also often where fabric is doubled up on onesies, so it may be a more secure place to attach the clip.

    When you use the clip with the right material, it can be incredibly helpful and safe to use a pacifier clip for your little one. Parents should always watch the little ones when using a clip.

    Pacifier clips make everyday life with a baby a bit easier. Our pacifier clips are easy to use – just attach the metal clip to a piece of your child's clothing and it prevents the pacifier from getting lost, or dirty by falling to the ground or floor.

    Safety is a priority, so your baby should never sleep with a pacifier clip. Pacifier clips can help your baby's paci stay readily available during the day but could potentially be dangerous for sleep.