4 Ways To Use Our Blankets

 Swaddle blankets are an incredibly versatile baby item that can be used in a variety of ways beyond swaddling newborns. Our super stretchy infant blankets, in particular, can grow with your little one and provide years of use. Here are some creative ways to use your super stretchy swaddle blankets that your toddler will love!

1. Make a Fort

Kids love building forts, and a super stretchy swaddle blanket is the perfect material to use for building a fort. Drape the blanket over chairs or a table to create a cozy little hideaway for your toddler to play in.

2. Use as a Play Mat 

A super stretchy swaddle security blanket can be used as a soft and comfortable play mat for your toddler. Its stretchiness makes it perfect for playtime, as it won't bunch up or slide around when your little one is crawling or rolling around on it. Plus, its lightweight material makes it easy to take on the go for impromptu park playdates.

3. Use as a Picnic Blanket

A super stretchy swaddle blanket is a great option for a family picnic or trip to the park. Its stretchy and lightweight material makes it easy to carry and will provide a soft and comfortable surface for your family to enjoy a meal or play some games outside.

4. Create a Costume

If your toddler loves dress-up and make-believe play, a super stretchy swaddle blanket can be a great base for a homemade costume. Use the blanket to make a cape, a superhero mask, or even a mermaid tail.


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