6 Ways to Use Your Milk Snob Cover

Nursing covers provide breastfeeding mothers with both privacy and flexibility. Since there are so many different ways to use Milk Snob nursing covers, we thought we’d highlight some of them for you here.

Cover Up When Breastfeeding

The soft knit fabric and easy design of the Milk Snob nursing cover make it ideal for use as a breastfeeding cover up at home, at the park, or whenever the baby needs the comfort of skin-to-skin contact. When the baby needs a snuggle or a meal, the cover drapes comfortably over both Mom and baby.

Car Seat Cover

Nursing covers double as car seat covers, providing the feeling of a comforting cocoon or canopy over the car seat. Babies like the enclosed feeling the cover provides. The covers leave ample room for the car seat handle, allowing air to circulate and light to peek through.

Stroller Cover

When using the car seat latched into a stroller base, the cover stretches over the stroller handles and extends down to shield the front of the stroller. Moms can see their babies through the handle opening, and the baby gets fresh air circulating while shielded from well-meaning but intrusive admirers.

Shopping Cart Cover

While the covers are no substitute for the disinfectant wipes grocery stores provide, if your destination involves a shopping cart, the cover stretches over the cart to create a barrier between the baby’s little hands and the shopping cart handles as well as the sides of the seat. Baby fits inside the cover and buckles into the child seat of the cart—the cover stretches over the front and back of the front of the cart, where the baby sits to enjoy the ride and your entertaining, silly faces.

High Chair Cover

The Milk Snob Cover can be used on several restaurant-style high chairs to keep the high chair, and your baby, cleaner. You might even intercept cereal bits or catch spills with time enough to grab an absorbent cloth before the juice hits the floor. The baby buckles into the chair through the opening in the cover, and the cover shields the armrests from the next sticky storm.

Infant Swing Cover

Many parents have found another ingenious use for Milk Snob nursing covers—over an infant swing! Simply stretch the Milk Snob Cover over the sides of an infant swing to create a blanket for the baby that does not move or shift over time. Secure the cover around the sides of the swing where the baby is lying and place the baby into the neck hole of the cover.

Anything baby gets near should be soft, safe, and washable! You can be confident that despite all the different ways you can use Milk Snob nursing covers, cleaning them won’t be a problem. Keep a few of these covers in rotation so you’ll have a clean one ready to take over when you remove one to put it straight into the wash. Roll over the images of our covers to find a link to our “how it works” video for a visual demonstration of these versatile nursing covers.