Advantages of Using a Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding covers have proliferated with new designs, styles, and options for multiple uses. Nursing covers can now double as car seat and stroller covers. The advantages of using a breastfeeding cover expand when the cover is a multi-purpose item that serves as a garment for mothers and a privacy shield for nursing infants.

Minimize Distractions

Fussy babies or those who have difficulty latching on need a calm environment for nursing. In fact, all babies can benefit from minimal distractions when they are nursing. A breathable nursing cover takes away visual distractions and mutes some outside sounds to keep the baby focused on the job of getting a full meal whenever they need one.

Provides Privacy and Versatility

Babies nurse whenever the need strikes, and sometimes they need to nurse when they are out for a stroll or visiting Grandma. A nursing cover allows a mother to breastfeed discreetly when out in public or continue to socialize with friends and family while the baby sneaks a snack.


Milk Snob nursing covers can be worn as a top, serve as a car seat or stroller cover, or even cover a highchair, shopping cart, or baby swing. For Moms who pump, a nursing cover can provide privacy for your portable pump when the need to express milk is urgent, and you’re away from home. Engorged breasts are uncomfortable and, if the baby isn’t available to help, your pump, bottles, and chiller bag can all hide discreetly underneath your nursing cover while you address the painful problem.

One of the top advantages of using a breastfeeding cover is the freedom they provide to nursing mothers, allowing them to get out and about without worrying about nursing when they’re away from home. Mother and baby are free to take a longer stroll, visit a park, or meet up with friends, all the while knowing that if nursing is necessary, the cover is there to provide privacy at any time.