Fun Valentine's Day DIY Craft Ideas To Do With Your Kids!

Love day is near! Somehow we’re already two months into the year and welcoming the sweet season of February. We’ve been deep into our design work at Milk Snob, dreaming up new concepts for our infant car seat covers (and more!) that this year is already flying by us! Valentine’s Day can be such a fun holiday centered around loving those around us, especially celebrating it with your little ones! As moms ourselves, we curated some fun DIY craft ideas you can do with your kids to celebrate Valentine's Day that are also budget-friendly! These are great as a friend, aunt, or grandmother, too! It’s still winter, Mama, so don’t forget to bundle your babe with the best car seat cover – All collections here. Need some pretty pink options for Valentine’s Day as a cover for infant car seat? We have the dreamiest ones HERE.


Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps  

Do you have some spare toilet paper rolls? Before heading to dispose, save them! Collect them through the beginning of the month for a fun craft! This idea is perfect for toddlers and little hands! This craft is so easy, and you probably have all the tools needed in your home! All you need is an empty toilet paper roll and pink or red paint! Simply crease the roll in the center to make a heart shape. Have your little one dip the roll into the paint, and go to town with cute little hearts on paper. You could also buy some canvas paper, fabric squares, or kraft paper and create little placemats with your stamps. Even a small square of paper can make a great plate for any doll’s tea time!


Paper Heart Garland

This craft is especially fun if you love decorating for the month, because it makes an excellent addition to any mantle or book shelf! You can create a heart-shaped garland out of any paper that you already have! Just grab some string, cut paper strips, and shape them like a heart! Another trick is stapling the crease of the heart so that it keeps the shape. Your littles will enjoy being a part of creating a beautiful decoration for Valentine's Day! It’s handmade. It’s a memory. You can’t beat that for Valentine’s Day!


Melted Crayon Hearts

Did you know you can easily create more crayons into shapes with just the old crayons you don't use anymore? All you have to do is grab the colors that you would like to use and lay a heart-shaped cookie cutter on a baking sheet. Add the cookie cutter, then add the crayon pieces (don’t forget to remove any paper wrapping on the crayons first!) and make them fit into the mold! Add the crayon heart in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees and done! Some great cookie cutter options that are oven-safe are HERE.


We hope you enjoyed creating these crafts with your little! If you create these, we would love for you to tag us on social media @milksnob so we can see!



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