Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Hannah Crocker, Vice President, Licensing and Marketing

The holidays are here! It’s the season of hot chocolate, warm fireplaces, cozy movies, and GIFTS! Sometimes it’s hard to give incredibly thoughtful gifts to every person in our lives, especially for newborns and newborn-mamas! There are just so many options out there, so we are here to help! Read through the below guide to shop for the moms in your life.

Pregnant Mama

It’s hard being pregnant! We want to make those first few days after delivery a little less intimidating. Our covers are number one on all baby registries for a reason. Parents cannot leave the hospital without securing their new little one in a car seat for the first time, so they need a cover to place around the carrier for full coverage out of the hospital. The first visits to the pediatrician are then less daunting, too, because they’ll have the cover for protection for baby and confidence for mama! The pregnant mama in your life will be prepared right from the hospital with the cover. You can shop all styles HERE or the Luxe collection HERE.

Newborn Mama

Isn’t it wild that a person so tiny could need so many things? And isn’t it also wild that the ‘many things’ for baby are actually for mom! If something helps take care of baby, it’s such a help for mom. We are intentional in creating each of our product lines, careful to design with mom in mind always. To care for a new baby, here are a few basics that are truly must-haves: pacifiers, pacifier clips, loveys, newborn hats, and our cozy baby lounger, the Milk Snob Nest.

Baby Mama

We all know the sleep deprivation parents experience in the first 6 months of babyhood. There’s nothing like it! Knowing that, we created a product that comforts babies, helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer: our sleep bags. With our straight, two-way zipper, mom is ready for easy diaper changes without waking baby. We’re known for having the softest fabric on the market because only the best should touch baby’s skin. Babies can know be cuddled in it all night long! Give mom the gift of baby’s sleep with our sleep bags!

Toddler Mama

When babies grow into toddlers, it’s so fun to see their little personalities show! They have ‘favorites’ for the first time! With that in mind, we offer an extensive selection in blankets! They’re in our premium, ultra-soft fabric, perfect sizing for toddlers, and dual-layer for an almost weighted feel. You can’t go wrong with a blanket!