Holiday Traditions

Hannah Crocker, Vice President, Licensing and Marketing

With the sweet holiday magic in the air this December, we wanted to stop and soak up all we can with our little ones. If you’re like me, it genuinely feels like this month flies by. I don’t want to miss a single moment with my kids! There’s something so priceless to see the season through their eyes! I’d love to share a few ideas to help savor these next days from my family to yours.


Personally, I grew up baking treats with my mom in our kitchen, so I’ve started to do this with my own daughter, especially during the holidays. She’s 3 ½ years old now, so she’s able to stir, able to use the cookie cutters, and of course able to sprinkle in red and green candies into the cookies (after she eats about half of them)! Baking isn’t for everyone, but even spending a few minutes on break-and-bake cookie dough will make a memory for you and your little one! And who doesn’t love cookies?!

Christmas Lights

With the time change, the sun sets so early now in most places! While this cuts down play time, it really gives a great opportunity for packing up in the car to drive around to see Christmas lights around your neighborhood before bed. Before you head out, create a festive playlist on Spotify to play on the drive. It’s also fun (and practical--come on, Mamas!) to get bath time out of the way before leaving the house so you can ride in the car in Christmas pajamas and blankets (my daughter insists on bringing her Milk Snob blankets to cover her, baby brother, and allllllllll the stuffed animal friends)!

Movie Nights

We’re a little picky in my house when it comes to holiday movies. We have 4 must-watch movies that we save up for the few days leading up to the 25th. Starting on the 22nd, we watch one every night! Plus, this is another chance to eat all the sugar cookies, kettle corn, and hot chocolate that always seem to mysteriously stack up in our house by then! Seriously, where does it always come from?!

Christmas Shopping

I do most of my Christmas shopping online, but there is something so special about going to the mall this time of year. The lights, the activities at the mall for kids, and the magic in the air—I love it all. When we head to the mall, especially this time of year, I always take my Milk Snob Cover to keep our littlest one protected from crowds and germs.


In the chaos of programs, buying presents, and days with family, don’t forget to pick up your camera. This is a priceless time with your babies that only comes once a year. As you plan and make memories this season, I cannot challenge you enough to swipe your camera on your phone and capture the little moments. Take selfies. Film videos as their hands mash dough into a cookie or as they wiggle around in their plaid pajamas. Childhood--especially babyhood--goes by so quickly! I’m challenging myself, too, to jump in front of the camera, so I can forever look back on these memories with my family during the sweet holiday season!

Enjoy your December, Mama!