How to Make a Baby Easter Basket

Jazmin Nevarez, Social Media Manager, Milk Snob

Today we are sharing a fun Easter Basket idea since Easter is right around the corner! Of course, it's fun to put together baskets for the bigger kids with chocolates and candies, but babies can be even more fun! A baby Easter basket is great as a mom to prep for your new little one. It's also the sweetest gift to bring over as the aunt or friend of a new mama! If you're not sure where to start in preparing a basket for a baby, don't worry. We have some ideas to help you get started: 


  • An Easter-themed baby book
  • A Milk Snob Hat
  • Easter Eggs--I love these ones from Target with the bunny ears!
  • Baby bunny toy--You can never have too many little animals.
  • A basket, any material
  • A Milk Snob Lovey
  • Basket filling--I used pastel crepe paper. This also helps you feel like you have less space to fill!
  • A snack of some sort to fill the eggs, I used Gerber Banana Puffs and they can be fun to shake in the eggs for a little toy, too.
  • Milk Snob Pacifiers, to fill the eggs--seriously, a PERFECT fit!

It's such a wonderful time to celebrate and it's so important to cherish the small moments with your littles--while they're so little! If you create an Easter Basket be sure to tag us @milksnob on social media so we can see!