How To Make A DIY Easter Basket

Spring is HERE! 💐 🌼 🌷 We are finally in one of the best seasons of the year because Easter is right around the corner! 🌷🐇

Easter baskets are greatly popular to share simple gifts with little ones and are such an easy way to involve your kids in spring activities and celebrate Easter with them! 

We put together a list of items that would make an easy DIY easter basket:

  • Medium basket - It can be any material or shape, make sure it is sturdy so the items you put in the basket are able to hold up and you can see all goodies inside!
  • Filler - You want to grab some sort of filling that will keep items in your basket looking full and raised! This could be shredded paper, gifting tissue paper, or even shredded cardboard crinkle pieces!
  • Easter plastic eggs - Get some themed plastic eggs to place goodies inside them like Milk Snob pacifiers, Milk Snob clips, and Milk Snob loveys!
  • Accessories - You want to get items that are bulky to take space on the back of the basket to make it look fuller like a coloring book, a Milk Snob blanket, Milk Snob cover, an easter-themed book, a Milk Snob teether, a Milk Snob Cubby or a snack!
  • Something wearable - Add in clothing they can wear to celebrate Easter with like an Easter-themed shirt, Milk Snob footed jammies, or Milk Snob sleep bags

We hope you have an amazing Easter and don't forget to follow us on social to see our content on how to create an easy DIY basket!