Fun Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Jazmin Nevarez, Social Media Manager

Celebrating the Easter season wouldn't be complete without some fun Easter eggs! Bright solid colors are classic, but it's even more exciting to design your own patterned eggs. This is such a fun activity and an excuse to soak up some sun, especially with littles!

Here are a couple of creative and affordable ideas you can use to get creative with your project:

  • Buy pipe cleaners and use them to wrap around the eggs and create bunny ears. Then draw the bunny's face on the egg!
  • Buy glow-in-the-dark paint for painting your eggs. Imagine a fun "lights out" Easter egg hunt! This would be great with older kids who may have lost interest a little in hunting.
  • Paint a bunny, reindeer, tiger, or any animal on your egg for a fun spin!
  • Glitter--always a good idea! Add glitter and make any egg sparkle!
  • Use a few squares of fabric in all different colors to create sea creatures like jellyfish, octopuses, fish and more!
  • If you don't like the idea of using real eggs, you can use plastic eggs and paint some fun flowers onto those!
  • Watercolor eggs is another super fun idea to use to expand your kids' creativity.

All in all, no matter what, decorating Easter eggs is always such an spring staple along with the Easter hunts. We hope you have an egg-tastical Easter!