How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Christina Curas , Director of Marketing Milk Snob

As a good friend to many mamas, I’ve helped plan many baby showers! Showering your favorite mom in the most perfect way takes a certain recipe of organization, preparation, and details. A baby shower serves as a special gathering to celebrate a special mom-to-be with her closest friends and family. These days there are many different ways to host a baby shower, especially during these times of online-hosted events. No matter how you choose to host your event, these helpful tips will make your baby shower planning even easier!

Theme. One of the first decisions the hostess should make is what the baby shower theme will be. There is so many different routes you can go, but one of the best ways is figuring out what the mom-to-be loves and plan the theme around that. It is her special day after all!

Let’s Play. While your guests will be busy chatting and eating, you could also plan some fun games to play! You could either do a few smaller games or one big activity, such as a pacifier hunt. Step it up a notch with our soft silicone pacifiers which will be sure to come in handy for the new mama!

Decorations. Baby shower decorations can be as basic or as over the top as you want to be. Balloons and floral pieces are always a sure bet without breaking the bank. Remember what your theme is and stick to that. There are so many great online resources for DIY these days too! Amazon  is a great resource for this.

Refreshments. Serve up some of the honored guest’s favorites and choose a menu that sticks with the theme and colors. Fruit display, cupcakes and DIY cocktails and mocktails are always fun!

Memories. Photos are also always a precious way to personalize any party, and baby showers are no exception. Display photos of the future mom’s family and some cute images of her during various stages of her pregnancy. Definitely have someone dedicated to take lots of photos during the shower so the mama has those memories to add to the collection!

Gifts. We can’t forget one of the most important parts of the shower – gifts! This is when the mama-to-be will receive some of her most favorite and necessary essentials for the baby’s arrival. Our Milk Snob® blankets are one of those newborn essentials -- super-soft, oversized and slightly stretchy, designed to keep your little bundle of joy snug and stylish.  Another perfect gift that pretty much every mom that I’ve known raves about is the Milk Snob 5-in-1 nursing cover. This fitted infant car seat cover can be used for nursing, shopping carts, highchairs, infant swings and more!

Happy planning!