How To Take Care Of Your Cover

Jazmin Nevarez, Social Media Strategist

We partnered with Noodle & Boo to show you a couple of tips on how to take care of your Milk Snob multi-purpose covers and make sure you are utilizing your resources as best as possible to help make your covers last a very long time!

1. Master your settings - Make sure you are utilizing the correct washing cycles for your covers for your specific washing machine. We recommend utilizing a delicate cycle for best results.

2. Turn your cover inside out when washing - This will help make your cover last a very long time! It help prevent any fading if you wash it with harsh laundry products.

3. Allow to air-dry - This will help prevent any shrinking or unnecessary stretching! Make sure to lay it down to dry so it dries even.

4. Pre-treat stains - Use high-quality products like, Noodle & Boo to help fight stains, and make your covers smell super amazing and feel ever softer than they already are!

5. Use A Laundry Bag - Use a laundry bag to put the cover inside and wash it with whatever clothing stack you need to!

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