Kid's Spring Bucket List

We love spring over here at Milk Snob! We wanted to create a fun bucket list for your kids' spring activities because we've finally reached the perfect weather! (Is it too soon to say that??) Here are just a couple ideas you can plan for some fun family memories!:

  • Collect wildflowers
  • Fly a colorful kite
  • Build a fort
  • Visit a local farm
  • Plant some seeds and watch them flourish every day
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Enjoy an outdoor egg hunt
  • Make some Easter cards
  • Jump in puddles
  • Blow bubbles in the garden
  • Go to your local zoo
  • Make some bird feeders
  • Go for a picnic at a park
  • Go berry picking
  • Go to a local baseball game

These are mostly all outdoor activities that will be amazing for your littles to let some sun rays sink in and enjoy the spring season outdoors!