Original 5-in-1 Milk Snob Cover VS. Milk Snob Luxe Cover

Hi Mama!

Our Original covers are sewn using premium rayon blend fabric. Our owner chose this fabric originally because of the feel and stretch. It's so soft to the touch! If mom is going to wear it and if baby is going to be wrapped in it, then a soft feel is crucial! On top of the feel, the fabric needed to provide incredible stretch. Our covers fit over most infant car seats (and that's a LOT of different shapes and sizes!), over high chairs, swings, and more. The material for our covers gives stretch to meet every one of those needs yet still maintains its shape for use long after purchase.

We release all of our designs in our Original Covers, from Camo to Magnolia, from Signature Black and White Stripe to Herringbone. When we launch our seasonal collections biannually, you'll see them in our Original Covers. When we have a new Disney or Star Wars design, they will be in our Original Covers before any other product!

If that is the Original cover, what could possibly be better? What's different between the Original Cover and the Luxe Cover? Let's talk through two key differentiators!

First, the Luxe collection is sewn from a premium micro-jersey material. Mamas, if you thought the Original was soft, you may not be ready for our Luxe collection! There is nothing at the level of buttery soft like Luxe. This material not only provides an even softer feel but also the same stretch as our Original Covers.

Second, the Luxe collection is available exclusively in solid colors. Deep blues, dusty pinks, stunning neutrals. Luxe is the cover to match every outfit. Luxe is the cover when you're not sure what to gift the expectant mama friend. Luxe is the cover when you're keeping the gender a secret. Luxe is the cover that can't miss.