Jazmin Nevarez, Social Media Manager, Milk Snob

One of my favorite parts of finding out I was pregnant with my baby girl was planning out the perfect nursery. While babies do grow quickly, you can find a nursery theme that grows with them! I remember sitting in her room for hours just brainstorming where certain items would go and what colors to pick. No matter how big or small your space is, there are different types of timeless styles for your littles. When decorating your nursery, you can either focus on a specific theme or color. Either way, you can create a masterpiece that can grow with your little Milk Snob baby. Let’s take some inspiration from the team’s work in our designs!


Whether you choose small + subtle floral patterns like Peony or big + bold like French Floral, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful floral theme! Florals are what I personally chose for my daughter, and I have added hints of pink, gold, and white, as well! She is 2 years old now and still loves it!


I don’t know about you, but I love a beautiful, soothing scenery! Rocky Mountains brings a sense of adventure and calmness. This theme is so versatile because you can use neutral colors in the room and just add small pops of mountain terrains on your walls or accessories!

Neutral + Classy

This style is perfect for the mom that loves to be more on the minimalistic side and likes a simplistic look! If you are this style, you would love the true classic Milk Snob designs! Stripes and solids are easy wins! This look can even be used until they are teenagers since it is so simple and has a very soft color palette.


Okay, maybe this still is more for us moms than it is for baby, but I'm not going to tell! Either way, this nursery theme will be extremely customizable, especially through age! From princesses to monsters to toys to rebels, the options are endless—and SO fun!

No matter what you choose as your baby's theme–whether it be neutral and light, or more bold and bright palettes–your little one will feel loved as long as they are with you!

Happy decorating!