The Importance of an Infant Car Seat Cover

Selecting a car seat and learning how to use it properly are at the top of the list of responsibilities for expectant parents. Once parents install the car seat and a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) has given it the thumbs-up, the next decision involves car seat covers.

Some parents underestimate the importance of an infant car seat cover. Infant car seat covers come in a variety of versions. For example, Milk Snob’s 5-in-1 nursing cover converts from a car seat covers to a nursing cover and more. Below you’ll find some additional benefits of car seat covers.

They Make Bulky Clothing Unnecessary

Car seat manufacturers warn against dressing infants in bulky clothing or over-swaddling children in blankets while they’re in their car seats. Too much bulky fabric can cause the harness to fit improperly and put the child in danger. Using a car seat cover provides snugness and warmth outside of the car without interfering with the buckles.

They Provide Weather Protection

Covering a baby’s face or bundling blankets too closely around their head can lead to insufficient fresh air. The Milk Snob cover shields—but doesn’t cover—the baby’s face to protect them from harmful rays, wind, rain, and snow.

They Create a Sneeze Shield

Infant car seat covers are important for another function: shielding your baby from germs. It’s hard enough to politely fend off curious baby admirers who love to stick their faces into strollers and grab your baby’s hands. You certainly don’t want people to sneeze or cough on your kid. Our car seat cover creates a classy, polite barrier that discourages strangers from peering too closely. It also creates a physical shield from sneezes and coughs. No car seat cover functions as a medical-grade mask, but it does at least discourage uninvited and possibly germy hands and faces from getting too close to your baby.

They Help Babies Sleep

On a bright day or on a well-lit street, getting your baby to peacefully drift off to sleep at naptime can be a challenge. A car seat cover dims light, giving your baby a cozy cocoon amid the bustle of everyday life.

Used appropriately, infant car seat covers provide warmth, a sense of security, a shield from sun and wind, and necessary privacy to discourage intrusive admiration. Your baby needs sleep, good air circulation, and protection from the elements, and the Milk Snob cover can provide all of these.

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