Tips For New Moms!

Are you a new Mama? As moms ourselves, here are some parenting tips that we want to share that has helped us the first couple of months:

  • Never shy away from help! If a close relative/friend asks to watch your little, and you trust them, take that much-deserved break, Mama!

  • Always remember that no matter what, your little would much rather be with you than anyone else!

  • There is no such thing as perfect! You are doing the very best that you can do, and that is what matters!

  • Go easy on your body! You just gave life to a little miracle, your body isn’t supposed to ‘bounce back’ give it some time to rest, it’s working overtime already!

  • Take so many pictures, you are not going to realize it but time will go by extremely FAST! Take all the pictures now, because you will 100% cherish them!