Top 10 Parenting Tips For A First Time Mom

We understand how difficult it is to be a mom, and even more a first-time mom! You will always know what is best for your own baby, but we wanted to help those mamas that need that extra push, help, or reminder. Our team of mamas put together these 10 tips that they swear by or wish they would've read when they were a first-time mama: 

1. Be a good role model
2. Love them and show them through action
3. Reflect on your own childhood
4. Pay attention to yourself first so you can be there for them fully
5. Let others help you--you're going to need it sometimes and that's normal!
6. Set parenting goals
7. Stick to an early bedtime
8. It's okay to say "no" so they learn boundaries
9. Be ready for sick days!
10. Follow your instinct--no one knows your child better than you!

Always remember that no matter what, you are doing an amazing job and that you are never alone in your feelings! Your feelings are valid and they matter!