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    Yes! Winter car seat covers help to protect your baby from cold weather. It’s important to find a cover that does not interfere with the harness and straps. A winter cover should not be close to the baby’s face or body for safety purposes.

    Babies and young children in car seats should NOT wear puffy coats or snowsuits when in their car seat. A great solution for this is using a safe Winter Cover designed specifically for infant car seats. The safest option is one that does not interfere with the baby restraint system whatsoever. Remember, Winter Covers are not for use inside a vehicle, but it is perfect for chilly walks and winter outings with your little one.

    If you live in a northern state or Canada, once winter is underway you’ll want to find a car seat cover that keeps baby warm without covering their face or obstructing the car seat harness. The Milk Snob Winter Cover has a unique tented shape with a brim and air holes that allow for proper air circulation while keeping baby dry and cozy.