How Our Covers Are Different!

Have you ever wondered what sets us apart from other covers in the market? We have so many features that truly make us incomparable!

Here are just a couple of differentiators:

The ORIGINAL Multi-Functional Cover
As a mom herself, Melanie researched, designed, and perfected the first multifunctional cover to equip other moms!
 Our covers have over five thousand 5 star reviews from all around the world, making our covers the #1 gift on baby registries.
Exclusive Designs
 Every design is created both in-house and with partners like Disney and Star Wars to empower moms to show their personal style.
Safety Tested
Safety is the most important factor for any baby purchase, so we safety test our covers annually to make sure every product we release on the market is the absolutely safest!
Super Soft
We hand selected this exact fabric because of the feel-it-to-believe-it buttery softness!
Fully Breathable
Breathability is as important to us as it is to moms when covering their newborn’s carrier. That is why we go through breathability testing on our covers.
Moms need practical help when caring for their babies, so our covers can be used to cover for nursing, the baby car seat cover, the high chair, the shopping cart, swings, and more (there’s always more!).
Extremely Stretchy
 For easier, faster use, our covers have unmatched stretch to pull and wrap around most sizes of baby gear.