Mom Tips For New Moms!

Jazmin Nevarez, Social Media Manager, 2022

Becoming a new mother can be equal parts exciting and terrifying! You want the absolute best for your little one, but as a first-timer, you're learning everything on the job! We have created a couple of tips to help new parents make parenting just a little bit easier:

1. Trust your gut - The best advice overall is going to be to always trust your mom gut because it's usually right!

2. Give yourself grace to learn - It's okay if you aren't doing everything everyone else is doing--it doesn't mean you are a bad mom!

3. Ask for help - Everyone needs help, especially first-time mamas! Don't feel bad about asking for help to take a mental health break for yourself! If you don't take care of yourself, who will?

4. Allow others to help you - Piggybacking off #3, it is always helpful to take those mental breaks so you can feel refreshed and up to your full 100% self, your baby will notice this, too! You are NOT a burden!

5. Don't rush your recovery - It's okay to not go back to work right away or "bounce back". There are always going to be celebrities that show a fake perception of what things should look like (especially as a mom). You are doing AMAZINGLY! Don't rush it--you just gave life to a miracle! Your body is amazing!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but also the most amazing blessing! Some days will be harder and some days will be a bit easier but always remember that you are doing the best that YOU can!